Dave Nixon



Dave Nixon

Dave Nixon

Since 2004 Dave has trained and coached over 5000 people in the fitness and health industry. More recently he has begun travelling nationally and internationally to present seminars to gyms and personal trainers on functional movement and performance based mindsets.

He has been a regular contributor to Men’s Muscle and Health magazine, as well as travelling the USA training with world record holders, elite level Crossfitters, ex-UFC fighters and national level Olympic lifters. He has since worked with national level Powerlifters and athletes across other sports on their mindset for performance and mental preparation to help them reach their potential and the podium.

He founded and operates Functional Fitness Australia in 2012 which is a community focused gym based out of Canberra, Australia.

His 10 minute daily podcast ‘Mood Prep’ gets over 6000+ downloads a month and he continues to mentor PTs and gym owners 1:1 around the world.