“Yes it is for you!!!

It doesn't matter if you cant do a push up or want to take your training to a new level. The approach and trainers at FUNC are exactly what you are looking for.

FUNC is a welcoming community of like minded people passionate about holistic fitness. These guys focus on more than sweat. Go try out FUNC and you will soon learn that your training is built on a strong foundation of technique and mindset. It doesn't matter if you can barely move, work outs are tailored to the individual and graduated so you don't injure yourself learning how. One of the few gyms where you could have a competition athlete next to a first timer and everyone feels equal. Yes seriously.

Go check it out, but we warned... expect to feel welcome.”

- Phil

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“I can't rate FUNC highly enough. The coaches and other members are so friendly and super supportive and most of all, there's no judgement, just a group of peeps with their own goals, working out together. Thanks!”

- Lou

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“It really is functional fitness. I broke my collar bone and ended up with ‘frozen shoulder’ 9 months ago. The support I’ve had from all the coaches has been fantastic and has helped me get my strength and mobility back, supported by everything I learned from them pre injury. As a result I’m back to mucking around and wrestling with my kids without worrying about my shoulder. Love you guys!”

- Rebecca

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