Mick Breen

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Mick has been involved in sport since the age of 5 and has always had a passion for learning new skills and experiences through participation in sport.

He has attained a degree in Sport Science back in England and started his professional career in fitness once he arrived in Australia at the age of 21.

Mick is also a qualified Soft Tissue Therapist and has been practicing out of Canberra Soft Tissue Therapy since 2016. Every day he is learning something new about how the body works and how to fix it.

Through playing Rugby Union at an elite level, Mick has encountered numerous injuries and career ending knee reconstructions. From this, and through 8 years in the Fitness Industry, Mick has built the passion for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Mick has a big passion for Movement and believes that it is the best form of medicine. His goal is to get as many people moving as possible, whether it be just walking or squatting 100kg. Through training and treatments, he is determined to get you moving and get your body back to doing what you love, and helping you reach your full potential.