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we’re not a gym – we’re a lifestyle

The 6 week




Fatloss challenges are DEAD!

They are outdated and often cause more problems than they solve.

We believe that your 1 hour in the gym has to positively impact your 23 hours outside of it otherwise it is simply only a cost and not an investment.

We want to teach people to not only be physically fit and strong but also mentally fit and strong so that they get to keep their results for good!

We believe that there is far more to life than losing weight. We believe that training should supplement your life. It should help you get more out of your day, sleep better, feel more energised, build real world strength, develop connections and friendships with like minded people.

We want to challenge you to be your best around a group of people working hard to be their best.

The FIT as FUNC. Challenge includes:

  • 6 Weeks of Unlimited small group training sessions with a coach ($497)

  • Access to over 50 hours of Open Gym every week ($174)

  • Personalised Nutrition Plan* ($40)

  • Initial Goal Setting and Mindset Seminar ($97) [31st of August]

  • 2 x Video trainings on Mindset and Changing Habits ($297)

  • Access to an accountability Facebook group ($120)

  • Access to daily Mobility programming ($30)

  • Personal Accountability coach ($300)

  • Unlimited 3D Body Scanning ($50)

  • Access to a motivated and supportive community of clients and coaches

To get all of this separately it would cost $1585.

The challenge itself is FREE.

All you have to do is cover the cost of the membership. Overall that is a saving of $1038 to kick start your training and motivation for the rest of the year and results you will keep for life.

We think that at least covering the membership is fair for all of our current members and coaches so that everyone is at the same level and the community can really get behind each other!

$497 for 30+ sessions as well as everything else is epic when you compare that to a standard PT session of let's say $100. You are getting access to all of this for the same price as 5 PT sessions.

But hurry, spots are filling up fast!

Register Here and set up a 15 minute call with one of coaching staff.

I look forward to meeting you!

Yours in Health,

Dave Nixon